– delivering to European dealers-

Individual and special cars have always been a great passion for all of our crew members. Fueled by our passion for cars and driven by a strong determination to thrive, we are racing to always find the best solution for our customers.


Together, we have over 75 years of experience in logistics, car selling B2B/B2C, vehicle maintenance and upfitting, technical inspection and individual approvals in the European Union.


We have started our Continental European business a year ago in The Netherlands. Now we are ready to expand and serve more B2B customers in Europe than ever before.


Our business basics have been special and allowed us to provide collectors’ car acquisition worldwide to our Scandinavian customers since 2010. We have delivered car models ranging from years 1910´s to 2016 with good quality and at competitive prices. We manage business with American cars and trucks, especially Ford Motor Company products, but we are also familiar with GM and Chrysler products.


Our highest priority is to support our B2B clients in all possible ways; purchasing vehicles, individual approvals of vehicles and worldwide logistics. Together we strive for each project to be handled individually and tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


Our values are based on timing, price purchasing and also the right kinds of units. We love to work more with unique vehicles than with a big volume of them, since you should not have factory accessories affect your individual business needs.


Our team can serve your car dealership to have better quality cars and trucks for your customers.


We look forward to discussing how we might best serve you.
We are listening…