T1 pricing (Incoterms: CFR Rotterdam, NL) is for clients at ETA-countries (Switzerland, Iceland, Norway). This price include vehicle purchase price and shipping to European port (Rotterdam). It does not include shipping insurance, port fees, unloading, handling fees by logistic operator or any duties and taxes.


T2 pricing (Incoterms: DDP Rotterdam, NL) is for clients at EU-countries (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, etc.). This price include vehicle purchase price, shipping to European port (Rotterdam), port fees, unloading, handling, custom broker fees and custom duties. It doesn’t include Value Added Tax (VAT) or transport from Rotterdam to client’s destination, EU-homologation, registration or local registration tax or other fees.




Prices are calculated automatically from dollar rates and they are “live rates”. Prices will be updated automatically hourly when exchange rates are changing. When the client confirm the deal and sign the contract, price will be locked for that current moment price.


Delivery time:


Most of the cars are delivered from North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) and same are at the European inventory. Normally delivery time is from 6 up to 14 weeks depending on the vehicle. Possible EU-homologation process is not counted to this estimation.
Delivery for European inventory vehicles is usually faster and it will take 1-2 weeks to arrange vehicle ready (Customs Cleared) for shipping.

Need more information:
When you see interesting vehicle in our inventory list, please send email to us with ID-number, your complete contact details and possible extra questions. We will reply to you back by email with more specific details and proposal if needed.
We can also provide Carfax history report for used vehicles. All used vehicles are pre-checked and there are no salvage or junk vehicles in our inventory list.
We are updating the inventory regularly basis. If you can’t find suitable car for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask if we can supply exactly right kind of vehicle with your requirements and specs. This is our strong benefit, no matter if you ask rare combination, like green, purple, yellow etc. bright colors, or pickup truck with different kind of cabin or bed type. Nearly all vehicles what we have delivered during the last 10 years are somehow quite uniques. Our business is not to deliver 100 or 200 exactly similar units to export markets.
Our motto: When you can’t find anywhere in the Europe what you are looking for, please contact to us




Vehicles will be delivered usually with certificate of title (registration document) or certificate of origin. In used cars we have also Carfax history reports available for showing clean history and sometimes very important detail, the first date of registration (in some countries registration taxes are based on the age). First date of registration can also effect required emission classification and sometimes few month older vehicle can have smaller CO2 value and less taxes.


Homologation and registration:


Vehicles of our selection are not EU type approved and they don’t have Certificate of Conformity (CoC). Each new vehicle has to go through Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) -process (EU regulation 183/2011) and used cars will go through national registration inspection process.
In the used vehicles regulations can vary depending on the destination country. Most of the vehicles will require some modifications (example light system conversion) for meeting European requirements. Sports cars will need quite often also exhaust system modifications for reduced sound level.
All these services can be offered via our partners network in several countries: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Austria etc.
Most of European countries will accept German registration documents and therefore most of the vehicles will get first 1-day German registration before delivery to final destination. This makes registration process in Your country much more easier and smoothless.
Some countries have more strict national regulations (example Finland, France, Italy) and we will give more detailed information for the clients at those countries.


Passenger vehicles and light pickup trucks:
Average M1 (passenger car) or N1 (light commercial vehicle, below 3.500kg gross weight) modifications, technical certificates, inspection and German registration -process will cost approx. 2.000 – 2.800 euros.


Medium and Heavy Duty pickup trucks and SUV’s
N2-class (light duty trucks gross weight over 3.500kg) registration process is more complicated and it is depending on the vehicle model, age, technical details etc. Average expenses are about 4.000 – 7.000 euros.




We don’t offer currently financing solutions. If you need financing, please take contact to your local financial institute or local vehicle dealership who can arrange the deal for you.


Trade-in vehicles


We don’t make trade-in deals. If you need to change your current vehicle to newer, the deal can be arranged through your local vehicle dealership, who can arrange the deal for you.