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Our main business is to deliver individually selected and carefully inspected American cars from worldwide markets to European car dealers.


We also provide full service in individual approvals for American cars in The European Union.


We are specialized mostly in Ford Motor Company`s cars but also provide cars made by GM and Chrysler.


We provide cars from the early 1910`s to 2019 models.


Searching for and finding exactly the right kind of vehicle for each client’s individual request is one of our many strengths. Purchasing good quality individual pre-owned and used vehicles for the best value usually needs a lot more time and effort than what common ”daily drivers” have. Successful purchasing needs enough knowledge and information about the target vehicle. After checking the value and history, a technical inspection gives more information about the potential purchase. Modern vehicles can also be tested with special diagnostic tools.

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We have a lot of experience in shipping cars from all around the world. We use only qualified shipping partners, which deliver all vehicles in sealed containers. All vehicles are carefully visually inspected after shipping. We also offer transport services inside The EU directly to your door in an effort to reduce delivery time and ensure that your business can keep rolling.

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We have a lot of experience from American car approvals and EU-registration processes. New vehicles usually require Individual Vehicle Approvals (IVA) based on EU-directives. There are also a lot of national exceptions and rules in each EU-country which can make registration more difficult. Knowledge of EU-directives, ECE-rules, American Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards makes a strong foundation for carrying out the processes. One of our many strengths is to get modified and second stage manufactured cars to pass the strict European rules.

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